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We are a software development company, offering software solutions for both web and mobile platforms. We develop excellent customized, quality applications for government and private organizations across different industry verticals as well as sell some amazing software products. We also provide service based solutions in SAP ERPs and analytic solutions powered by HANA. We believe in quality coding and our solutions create meaningful user experience that strengthen the brand and business for the customers.

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Some of our specialized Software products…

At ITOrbital, we realize the rising demand for business efficiency and organization, and have come up with a range of software products to facilitate such commercial needs. Based upon the purpose and mode of your business.

Inventory and Sales Management

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Patient Record Management System

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General Election Management System

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Municipal Management System

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Some of our specialized services and products…

ITOrbital, an IT and IT-enabled service-provider, caters to a wide range of industries globally.

We provide software solutions as per the clients’ requirements and demands. We ensure timely delivery of secure, reliable, cost-effective, quality software. As a true and dependable technology partner, we support our clients in every stage of entire software development life cycle.

IT Services

We help businesses collaborate more effectively, function more skillfully and communicate better with their consumers – connecting people and websites more reliably and securely. Just avail our services and see your business change for the...

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Indian National e-Governance Plan was approved by the Cabinet in May 2006 with a vision to “Make all Government services accessible to the common man in his locality, through common service delivery outlets and ensure efficiency.

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ITOrbital’s SAP Team has the cross platform expertise to help organizations scale up and streamline their businesses by replacing their existing systems with the new SAP applications ensuring consistency across different departments...


Software Products

At ITOrbital, we realize the rising demand for business efficiency and organization, and have come up with a range of software products to facilitate such commercial needs. Based upon the purpose and mode of your business.



What we do, at a glance…

Pad Management System

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Description: Education


Patient Record Manager Dashboard

Description: Ecommerce



Description: Portal


Eye-care Optician

Description: Ecommerce


E-News Letter

Description: News


Sale Ventory Dashboard

Description: Profile


Sale Ventory POS

Description: Ecommerce



The technologies we use...

AI/ML Capabilities

Tools & Technologies we apply...

Orbital Software Development (ITOrbital) – Data Science / AI Implementation

In Orbital Software Development (ITOrbital) we provide end-to-end Data Analysis by using AIML tools and techniques. Data analysis is a systematic process of inspecting, cleaning, transforming and modelling data to discover meaningful patterns, draw conclusions and support decision-making. It involves the use of various tools and techniques. Here is an overview below :

Data Collection

Gather relevant data from various sources such as databases, surveys, APIs or external files. Ensure data integrity and quality by performing data validation.

Data Integration

ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) is a traditional approach to data integration and involves three main steps:

a) Extraction: Data is extracted from the source systems, which can include databases, spreadsheets, files, APIs and more.

b) Transformation: The extracted data is transformed to conform to a common schema or data model and business rules are applied. This step includes cleaning, filtering, aggregating and enriching the data.

c) Loading: The transformed data is loaded into the target system or data warehouse for further analysis.

Data Cleaning and Preparation

a) Identifying and handling missing or inconsistent data.

b) Removing outliers or anomalies.

c) Data validation and verification.

Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA)

a) Analysing and visualizing data to identify patterns, trends & relationships.

b) Performing statistical analysis and hypothesis testing.

c) Conducting data profiling and quality assessment.

Predictive Analytics

a) Building predictive models to forecast future outcomes or trends.

b) Implementing machine learning algorithms for classification or regression tasks.

c) Feature selection and engineering to improve model performance.

Statistical Analysis

a) Conducting statistical tests and hypothesis testing.

b) Applying multivariate analysis techniques.

c) Designing experiments and A/B testing methodologies.

Time Series Analysis

a) Analysing and forecasting data collected over time.

b) Identifying trends, seasonality, and cyclical patterns.

Data Visualization

a) Creating interactive dashboards, reports and visualizations.

b) Designing intuitive visual representations of data for better understanding & decision-making.

Text Mining & Natural Language Processing

a) Extracting insights from unstructured text data.

b) Performing sentiment analysis, topic modelling or text classification.

c) Using NLP techniques for information extraction, text summarization or entity recognition.

Data Mining & Machine Learning

a) Applying advanced algorithms for clustering, classification or recommendation systems.

b) Extracting valuable insights and patterns from large datasets.

Tools & Technologies we apply

• Programming Languages
Python, SQL, Java, Scala.
• Data Manipulation and Analysis
Pandas, NumPy, SQL.
• Data Visualization
Matplotlib, Seaborn, Tableau, Power BI, Looker’s Studio.
• Machine Learning
scikit-learn, TensorFlow, PyTorch.
• Statistical Analysis
SciPy, OLS, ANOVA, PCA, Factor Analysis.
• Time Series Analysis
ML Models, ARIMA, SARIMA, Exponential Smoothing.
• Text Mining & NLP
• Data Mining
Python, scikit-learn, KNIME.
• Big Data Processing
Hadoop, Spark, Apache Kafka.
• Cloud Platforms
Amazon Web Services (AWS).


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Post: Software Programmer 3-5 Years Exp

Technical Knowledge:

Dot net framework 4.0 and Above / .Net Core
ASP.Net (VB.net/ C#) with MVC/ WCF/ Web API knowledge (preferable)
SQL Server 2012 and Above HTML 5 CSS3 Java Script JQuery Bootstrap AngularJS Angular (2+)

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